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Growing Crystals!

Growing Crystals!

The 3Js were chemists today: they grew their own magnesium sulfate crystals! Because we’ve been learning about rocks and minerals in science, they dug deeper into learning about crystal formation and shapes. Each student closely followed directions to make their  own crystals, then documented their results.  Take a look at the slideshow and kid cam of … Continue reading

We Miss Carter!

One of our students in 2J, Carter, has gone to Belize for several weeks.  To keep in touch with what we are doing back here in the classroom and to share his trip with us we have been keeping in touch using our Google Apps for Education.  We’ve sent him a class magnet presentation and a … Continue reading

Changing Sinkers and Floaters

Before the Christmas break, the 2Js were experimenting with sinkers and floaters.  Today we got to do the same, with a twist! Each student got a “sinker” (a chunk of plasticine) which sunk in the water, and had to change it so that it would float.  After discussing various ideas of how we could make … Continue reading

Writing Ideas: Children should be allowed to…

In our writing, students have been focusing on using strong ideas.  One of the classes we follow on Twitter shared a writing project last week.  It was “Children should be allowed to…”, which of course was enough to capture our imaginations!  We started off with looking at a student sample on the Smart Board, and … Continue reading

Early Days in 3 Communities

On Friday and today the 2Js were learning about the early days in Iqaluit, Meteghan and Saskatoon.  Ms.J shared a read aloud then we added important information and keep track of it in a Google Doc.  Students also highlighted key information and used our Research Tool to find picture cues that would help us remember it. … Continue reading

Little Blue Truck – 7 Habits

Tomorrow IREC is having a 7 Habits presentation by Steve Harmer.  How exciting! To get thinking ahead about the 7 habits, Ms.J read us a book titled Little Blue Truck, and then we thought about some of the habits that were in the story.  Below is a slideshow of the book cover, our response sheet … Continue reading