Early Days in 3 Communities

On Friday and today the 2Js were learning about the early days in Iqaluit, Meteghan and Saskatoon.  Ms.J shared a read aloud then we added important information and keep track of it in a Google Doc.  Students also highlighted key information and used our Research Tool to find picture cues that would help us remember it.  Below is a student example of what we did.

1 2 3

2 thoughts on “Early Days in 3 Communities

  1. Is the research tool the cd that came with the kit? I am trying to figure out how to get it so that kids can use chrome books with this tool. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Tanis!
      The research tool I was referring to is a ChromeBook tool. When you two-finger click on the word you want to look up, choose “research tool”. Websites, articles, videos and images pop up on the right side of your screen. If you just want 1 type of search (ie images), click on the little upside down triangle in the search box and choose images.
      Does this make any sense, lol? Try it out, and if it’s not working for you, email me or call me and we can work through it together.

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