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Proactive Week

Proactive Week

To honour the importance of Bully Awareness Week this week, IREC has created our own Proactive Week to foster communication and education about problem solving, conflict and bullying.  Our 3Js kicked off the school-wide discussion today by sending out a video we created for each class to watch and talk about.  A key idea to … Continue reading

We Met Baby Jaxon Today!

The 2Js got to visit and learn from Baby Jaxon today!  What a cute little fella!  Although he was super tired and slept most of the time, we still got to find out a lot about little babies.  Click on the image below to watch a video about some of the things we learned in … Continue reading

Roots of Empathy – A New Beginning

Mrs. Reader visited our class today to kickoff our new Roots of Empathy program!  We are so excited to meet little Baby Jaxon and learn all of the things that he will teach us!  Mrs. Reader discussed what we would be learning about in ROE, what we need to remember when Jaxon comes to visit … Continue reading

Last Day of Roots of Empathy

Yesterday was our final day of Roots of Emapthy with Baby Leah, Erica and Miss Gray.  Although it felt kind of sad to be saying goodbye,  we got to remember everything we learned from Leah and Roots of Empathy, we shared our wishes for Baby Leah, we gave Baby Leah a gift (pretty hair clips), … Continue reading

Baby Leah is Communicating

Baby Leah and Erica came to visit us again for Roots of Empathy, and we got to see Leah scootching around so well!  Miss Gray has been talking about communication with the 2Js, and different ways that Leah and her mom can communicate.  For example, Leah uses hand signals to show that she wants something … Continue reading

Roots of Empathy – Safety

In Roots of Empathy today Miss Gray introduced their new theme:  Safety.  We all discussed many things that we can do to keep our babies and toddlers safe such as never leaving them alone in the bath tub, putting up baby gates at the stairs, using baby monitors, and so on. Then Miss Gray asked … Continue reading