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Proactive Week

Proactive Week

To honour the importance of Bully Awareness Week this week, IREC has created our own Proactive Week to foster communication and education about problem solving, conflict and bullying.  Our 3Js kicked off the school-wide discussion today by sending out a video we created for each class to watch and talk about.  A key idea to … Continue reading

Metis Presentation Reflection

Metis Presentation Reflection

Yesterday, Kogan’s (3G) Grandma Raye came in to give our Grade 3s a presentation about Metis culture and traditions.  FNMI (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) education is a priority focus for our students, and we were so grateful to have Raye share with us! Below is a slideshow of some individual slides from our 3J reflections … Continue reading

Zones of Regulation Slideshow

The 2Js have just begun learning about the Zones of Regulation (…a systematic, cognitive behavior approach used to teach self-regulation by categorizing all the different ways we feel and states of alertness we experience into four concrete zones…).  To start with, we’ve been discussing where all of our emotions fit into the different zones. Last week … Continue reading

Why Eat Healthy? Why Exercise?

Students got together in different groups to brainstorm why eating healthy and exercising are so important.  They came up with a LOT of great ideas, and the 2Js worked really well in each of their partner groups.  Please remember that IREC runs a Snack Attack program where points are given to students that have a healthy … Continue reading

Little Blue Truck – 7 Habits

Tomorrow IREC is having a 7 Habits presentation by Steve Harmer.  How exciting! To get thinking ahead about the 7 habits, Ms.J read us a book titled Little Blue Truck, and then we thought about some of the habits that were in the story.  Below is a slideshow of the book cover, our response sheet … Continue reading

Roots of Empathy – A New Beginning

Mrs. Reader visited our class today to kickoff our new Roots of Empathy program!  We are so excited to meet little Baby Jaxon and learn all of the things that he will teach us!  Mrs. Reader discussed what we would be learning about in ROE, what we need to remember when Jaxon comes to visit … Continue reading

Our Strengths and Talents!

After a read aloud about what a little girl thinks she’s really good at and what makes her special, the 2Js thought about all the different strengths and talents they each had.  To reinforce this, we played a “musical chairs” type game in which students ended up at different desk and they each wrote about … Continue reading