Operation: 40 Payback!

One of our Gr.1 teacher’s celebrated her birthday this week.  In fact, it was her 40th!  The 3Js decided to celebrate with her… with a little payback! (Background note: Ms.J celebrated her 40th several years ago with a “decorated” classroom courtesy of Mrs.Taylor.)  So we brainstormed, schemed, planned, surveilled and executed a flawless mission to get her back to mark her birthday.  We called it “Operation: 40 Payback“!  Take a look at how it went!

Upon arrival this morning, a letter of response appeared on our Smartboard:

So of course, in times like these, with the “can of worms” opened, and apparently being in the midst of a “vicious cycle”, reflection is extremely important:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bring it on, Mrs. Taylor.

Bring.  It.  On.

We’ll be ready…


2 thoughts on “Operation: 40 Payback!

  1. Some great team work and planning involved in pulling off such a good prank! It was cool to see you all reflecting on the process.

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