Digital Stories!

Well, the 3Js have proven to be over-achievers! Students independently wrote “super short, funny stories” using the memory writing strategy we learned about a little while ago.  Our focus was to add more details as well as adjectives and adverbs into their writing. The final product, however, was to be in the form of a digital story.  After students completed their good drafts in a Google Doc yesterday, they created an accompanying google slideshow with pictures to go along with the details from their stories.  They each then recorded themselves reading their stories to the slideshows they’d  made using the Screencastify app.

After watching exemplars for each step of the process, everyone was able to independently print from their Chromebooks, create a “picture book” in Google Slides, choreograph their stories to their pictures in the slideshow, AND get them recorded online.  What a hectic/fabulous morning! Watch the Kid Cam below to see Mason document the “digitizing” portion of our stories, and click on the smaller images underneath to listen to some of our stories!


austin ben brody

carden croston daela

dannika heather jaqueline

kolten mason mercedez

morgan nathan ryder sasha




One thought on “Digital Stories!

  1. Dear 3J!

    I am so proud of all the hard work you put into your digital stories. As I am watching them you are making me smile with pride!

    Keep up the great work and keep sharing your writing and videos.

    Your friend,

    Mrs. Sahlin

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