2J Leadership Awards Today!!!

Four 2J students received

IREC Leadership Awards today!


Zack got a Leadership Award for showing improvement when putting first things first. He is focusing on his own learning during class time and trying very hard to complete his tasks. Well done, Zack!



Jenna got an award for showing leadership when she quietly sits down for Read to Self and during other Daily 5 rounds.  She gets along with her classmates very well and she always has a big smile on her face. Jenna has been a welcome new addition to our Grade 2J Team.



Rhys has been showing leadership when he proactively stays on task during learning time and consistently works hard throughout each day.  Rhys’ projects are great examples of thoughtful ideas and creativity.  Thank you for being a role model in our classroom, Rhys!



Megan received an award for when she puts effort into her writing and other work. She is consistently proactive by being responsible for her own learning and her actions.  Megan also synergizes well by being able to work at her table and in groups quietly and by helping others when they need it.


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