International Literature Circles!

Last week our 2Js took part in some book discussions with our friends from Oak Park, Illinois!  Each class read the two book excerpts: Colossal Canada and State Shapes: Illinois in an effort to get to know each other’s (and our own) “background information” better.  We  discussed the books with the 2K students in small groups using Google Hangouts on Air, and then Mr. Kaegi created a short video to highlight this new experience!  Today students completed their own presentations to reflect on this project.  HERE is an example of a completed presentation.

2Js:  Please comment on what your favourite part of our Literature Circles with the 2Ks were!



3 thoughts on “International Literature Circles!

  1. Abraham Lincoln was 1.93 m tall, which is 6 foot 4 inches for our American friends. That’s pretty tall for today and RIDICULOUSLY TALL for the time when Abraham Lincoln lived.

    Keep up the great work you guys and gals …

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