“Getting To Know You” Project!

Last week, our 2Js met a class from Oak Park, Illinois: Mr.Kaegi’s Grade 2 class from Horace Mann Elementary.  Today they did a project to begin getting to know each other better.  The two classes shared our lesson and instructions over a Google Hangout.  Mr.K and Ms.J showed an exemplar of what their project was to give students an idea of what it would look like when they were completed.  They also modeled the process of what their projects would look like once the two classes were virtually working together.  After the hangout and modeling was done, the 2Js shared their Google drawing with their 2K buddy in Illinois and they began working on it together. So.  Much.  Fun.

An important reminder was that students were to focus on writing sentences that included strong ideas and descriptive words.  Although there were sentence starters already given, students were given the option to add any information that they wanted as well.

Below is a slideshow of the projects students were working on.  Some are complete, and some are still in the process of being completed, and we’ll do that over the next couple of days.  Please also check out Mr.Kaegi’s blog to read about our buddy project from their point of view!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Js and 2Ks: What did you like about completing this project with your new buddy?  Please leave a comment!

21 thoughts on ““Getting To Know You” Project!

  1. I think the grade 2 students were very lucky to get to do this cool project. You got to hang out with other kids that were very far away. Technology has really made pen pal writing go to the next step!

  2. Hi…..I came across your Getting to Know You project. Your kids were so engaged, and excited about connecting and interacting. I teach 4th grade in Kansas. We do some connecting via Skype and GHO’s. Do you have any directions on how you started the project using Google? Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can share. @janwells

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