Hello Horace Mann Gr.2K Students!

Today our 2Js met another Grade 2 class from Oak Park, Illinois, near Chicago.  During our Google Hangout visit, we had a Q&A session to learn more about each other and the places we each live.  In our class, we’ve been discussing the difference between “thick” questions (high quality questions that help us learn, clarify or make connections), and “thin” questions, so we were ready!  It was a lot of fun to compare our similarities and differences by talking about our communities, our favourite past times, our currency and measurement units, our weather, and so on.  Even though we learned a lot about each other in such a short amount of time, our discussion brought up more questions for our kids.  After our chat with Mr. Kaegi and his Grade 2s, we reflected by adding something each of us learned about them or another question we had and put them into a shared Google doc.  Below are photos of us during our GHO with the 2Ks, and the doc we completed afterwards.  We are sure looking forward to beginning some projects with our new friends from the US!

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13 thoughts on “Hello Horace Mann Gr.2K Students!

  1. Horace Mann was a Man who said, “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.” So we made this school after him. So we be respectful, responsible, and compassionate, just like him. He was also a famous teacher.

    • Dear Caleb,
      That is super cool! it sounds like Mr. Mann was a great person. Our library is called the Alice Grigg Library, and she was also a teacher!

  2. Do you have a class T- shirt ( every year pick a class name then you draw what you want to be transformed on a shirt.)

    • Hi Luca,
      We don’t have class t-shirts but we have school t-shirts. They have our mascot on the front. He is a raccoon and his name is IREC.

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