Leadership Awards!

Today, 3 students from 2J received IREC Leadership Awards!


Vincent was recognized for showing leadership during math class.  He consistently puts first things first when he gets down to work and finishes his tasks right away.  He also shows a lot of creativity during our Morning Math Routine and is able to verbalize his thinking in a way that helps to teach his fellow classmates.  Excellent work, Vincent!



Gabby received an award for showing leadership when she quietly gets to work on every task Ms.J gives the class.  She also gets along with her classmates very well in all situations, and she always has a bright, shiny smile on her face. In addition, Gabby has been proactively working on adding a lot of detail to her writing and pictures.  Way to go, Gabby!



And Ryker got a leadership award for  seeking first to understand, and then to be understood. He carefully watches and listens during class and recess time to see what needs to be done and who needs to be helped.  Ryker has started off the school year as a very strong role model and excellent friend to all.  You are an amazing person, Ryker!


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