Agenda October 1, 2014

It’s unbelievable that we are already into the month of October!  The 2J students have done a great job settling into our daily routines, which is maximizing our learning time!

This morning, after our Morning Meeting and math class, we did an Autumn Tree art project.  Students used their paint sets and q-tips to create these beautiful pieces.  Below is a slideshow of some students at work and some trees on display in our hallway.

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In gym class we were practicing our throwing and catching skills after a fun warm-up game of Olly Olly Octopus!  We started off throwing bath scruchies back and forth in between partners.  The partners had to carefully watch each other to see if they were stepping forward with the correct foot when throwing. Thumbs-up meant it was was correct, thumbs-sideways meant they need to fix their feet.  After the scrunchies, partners got tennis balls and had to one-bounce them to each other.

Mixing Liquids was our science experiment today.  Ms.J mixed coffee, oil and then glycerine with water and students predicted then observed what happened.  The 2Js now know that some liquids will mix together, some won’t mix, and they can also be heavier or lighter than water!

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We ended the day off with Daily 5.  The Grade 3 STs came in to buddy read with us, and then we each chose another round after they left.  We are really working on using our own strategies to help us, and we have to be very mindful of choosing Just Right Books!

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