Agenda – Sept.30, 2014

This morning, students were working on their Mental Math Strategy “Making 10”.  It is an important concept for students for their understanding of basic math facts to 18 and beyond.  Yesterday students did “Rainbow Math” which connected addends that make 10 together.  Today they made their own manipulative activity that used a set of (their own) 10 fingers.  The number of fingers down plus the number of fingers still up will equal 10.  Students made all of the different combinations of 10.  We also played a “Making 10” Kahoot game, which is a game show format website.  So much fun working on a Mental Math Strategy!!!

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Because it was raining and we were supposed to have an outdoor gym class today, we improvised and did yoga instead! Cosmic Kids Yoga is an excellent set of YouTube videos that navigate children through a story that integrates a yoga sequence as well.  Namaste!

Daily 5 went so well again today.  We reviewed schema – making connections to books we read.  After we finished our read aloud The Queen Who Stole the Sky, students shared some of the connections they were able to make to the story.  We also had time for 2 rounds of Daily 5, that included Read to Self, Writing, Buddy Reading and Listen to Reading.  We were focusing on the accuracy strategies “Looking for Chunks” and “Flipping the Sound” as well as the fluency strategy “Reading with Expression”.

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Make sure to look for new Library books in backpacks tonight!  And keep adding your child’s blue Reading Log!  I’ll check them out again on Friday.


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