Agenda – September 16, 2014

Here are few of our highlights from today:

Practicing our reading strategies with our Grade 3 Buddies from Mrs. Taylor’s class.


In math we are reviewing some of our Mental Math Strategies.  We played games and showed our knowledge for counting up and back 1. We’ll continue on with counting up and back 2, doubles, and building on known doubles this week as well.


Continuing to learn about some characteristics of liquids was our job in science class.  Today we learned about SURFACE TENSION by doing an experiment.  Ask your child about what they did in this experiment!

Surface Tension

In Social we were showing what we know about the WEATHER in the 3 communities we are studying this year: Iqaluit, Meteghan and Saskatoon.  We sorted and chose some clothing that we could wear at different times of the year in each of the communities.

Social Pic

And finally we ended the day in the gym watching a 7 Habits presentation by Steve Harmer.  It was such a great message about filling each other’s buckets, and how we can do that by living the 7 Habits.  So much fun, too!!!


The 2Js had a busy day, but it was another EXCELLENT day!

Please remember to keep logging your child’s reading onto their blue reading logs.  Students also need to be bringing in their yellow folders EVERY DAY so that information and learning material can effectively go back and forth between home and school!


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