New Dinosaur Discovery!

How exciting!  In the news we’ve been hearing about the discovery of fossils of a new dinosaur species found in Argentina.  Cadence’s mom sent Ms.J a CTV News clip which we read and watched in class this morning.  The class discussed what we learned from the video and decided to give some ideas of  names for this new dinosaur, and we also went outside to measure and see how big this beast really would’ve been!  We know that dinosaurs are sometimes named according to the region in which they were found.  Because these fossils were discovered in the Argentinian region of Patagonia, we had three student suggestions for a name: Patagoniasaurus, Patagonius, and Patagosaurus.  Below are some photos of us watching the news segment in the classroom as well as  the students stretching out between pylons to show the length (40 meters) and height (20 meters) of the dinosaur. It would’ve been HUGE!!! What a fun, interesting class!

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2 thoughts on “New Dinosaur Discovery!

  1. Are the pylons marking the length and width? Very incredible find! I am glad you guys had fun watching it and getting a visual of how big this dinosaur really is!

    • One photo is the length (it’s tough to see the far pylon) and the other is the height. The kids got a really good sense of how massive this creature must’ve been!
      Thanks again for sending the video link, Jen!!!

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