Baking Potatoes in Science!

In science class we’ve been studying hot and cold temperatures, and today we did an experiment to see how heat can change materials. To illustrate this concept, students each observed a raw potato, using their senses to describe it. Then they each wrapped their potatoes in tin foil and they cooked in the oven over lunch and recess. After we returned to class, each student got their potatoes back to observe how the heat from the oven changed them. Here are some photos from our experiment:




The 2Js were able to extend their learning by thinking about how heat and cold affects other foods. Here’s a list they brainstormed:
Heat: changes batter and dough into cakes, breads, crusts, cookies and muffins; hot water makes pasta and rice soft to eat, changes corn seeds into popcorn, allows meat to be eaten safely.
Cold: changes pop into slushes, changes juice into freezies and popsicles, changes cream into ice cream and yoghurt into frozen yoghurt.

“Cool” ideas, 2Js!


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