Santa Says We Have Been Naughty – Persuasive Letters!

So this year our Christmas gifts from Santa are in jeopardy because each and every one of us has been BAD BAD BAD!  Ok.  Just pretending here, everyone!  As a writing project, we are writing Santa a letter convincing him to still send us a present even though we’ve been “very naughty” this last month.  One of the Grade 6 classes from IRJC came today to help us get our ideas for our letters onto our graphic organizers so that we can begin writing our letters.  Below is our writing prompt along with some student examples of completed graphic organizers.  We can’t wait to share our letters with everyone!  The 2Js are sure being creative with thinking up ways they’ve been naughty and adding excuses so that Santa will take pity on them!  Stay tuned to see how the drama unfolds!

1 Writing Prompt Daylene Janine Macie Peyton



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