Starting Off With A BANG!

Good writers start their stories off with a BANG to make sure that their readers want to continue on.  In writing class today the 2Js critiqued some “ok” story beginnings and some great story beginnings.  We decided to make a couple of our own about CLIMBING.  The first story beginning we decided to make was BORING:


Then we came up with some strategies to help us make a way more exciting story beginning:


We decided to start off with looking at some pictures of people ICE CLIMBING:

2 3 4 5

We finally worked together to come up with the following beginning of a story.  We were super proud of how it turned out, and we decided we would each add our own middles and endings as a future lesson because we were so excited to keep writing!



2 thoughts on “Starting Off With A BANG!

  1. Dear 2J,
    Wow! I love you story beginning. I can feel the panic of the climber as he watches the icicle fall below him. I am so excited to hear what your mighty middle will be for this story.

    Keep up the great work!

    Mrs. Sahlin

  2. Hi Gr. 2J!

    After reading your Raging Red Beginning, I was able to make a great mental image and I can’t wait to read more of your story. You have me hooked! Great writing!

    Mrs. Schlemko

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