My Dog Likes To Disco – Visualization

There was a lot of dancing and laughing going on in the 2J classroom today!  We read the poem “My Dog Likes To Disco” by Kenn Nesbitt (listen HERE), and we each made mental images in our heads about all of the silliness that happens throughout.  For every stanza, students visualized what they read focusing on the important details, then they drew a picture for each.  We got to listen to disco music as well to help us understand what a disco dance party would sound like.  Click HERE to watch a Vine video of our class doing this project.  Below are some examples of the drawings the 2Js created after visualizing each stanza.  We know that good readers make mental images when they read.

1 2 3 4



One thought on “My Dog Likes To Disco – Visualization

  1. Hi Grade 2J,

    I could hear you having fun with this poem down the hallway! I’m glad you are practicing making mental images while you read. This will help you to become great readers! I love this poem! My favourite stanza is stanza 3. Great job on your visualizations!

    Mrs. S. 🙂

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