Halloween Read Aloud – Visualization

The 2Js were introduced to a new comprehension strategy today: VISUALIZATION.

Why making mental images are important to readers:

  • Good readers create mental images during and after reading.  These images come from all five senses and the emotions and are anchored in the reader’s prior knowledge.
  • Good readers understand how creating images helps them understand better.
  • Good readers use images to draw conclusions, create unique interpretations of the text, recall important details and remember a book after it has been read.
  • Images from reading often become part of the reader’s writing.
  • Readers change their images as they continue to read when they get more information.
  • Making mental images helps readers create images in writing.

adapted from Miller, Debbie.  2002.  Reading With Meaning.  Markham: Stenhouse Publishers.  91-92

While Ms.J read the book On Halloween Night by Harriet Ziefert, students were asked to close their eyes and make mental pictures in their heads about what Emily’s Halloween costume looked like during certain parts of the book.  They drew their ideas on their papers, and the images changed as more of her costume was revealed throughout the text.  It was also really neat when Charlie exclaimed, “This book makes me think of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly because it keeps repeating itself but they add more things on every page!”  Look at us using our text to text schema on our own!

Below are pictures of the book we read, a page from the text and an example of one student’s mental images recorded as drawings.  We know that good readers create mental images in their heads as they read!




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