Reading Buddies with Kindergartens!

Ms.Yvonne’s Kindergartens welcomed us into their class today so that we could read with them! Before we went, the 2Js reviewed the 3 ways that people can read books (read the words, read the pictures and retell a story). We discussed some strategies that the Kindergartens might be able to do, such as using Picture Cues and Schema. The 2Js also reviewed appropriate reading behaviours such as staying in one spot, staying on task and reading quietly. Both classes did an EXCELLENT job reading to others and listening to reading. Way to go!

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2 thoughts on “Reading Buddies with Kindergartens!

    • Dear Emmersen,
      I think that you were doing such a fantastic job reading to your Kindergarten Buddies. You were stopping to do Checks for Understanding with them, and then you made sure they were matching their letters and letter names to the right sounds. You were just like a teacher! Miss Yvonne and I so appreciate you helping your Buddies LEARN!

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