Discovering Other Liquids

In our Exploring Liquids unit, students discover and learn different characteristics of liquids, as well as compare other liquids to water. Today we did a class demonstration in which students observed some properties of various liquids, then compared them back to water. They had to to a smell test, colour test, determine how each poured and moved, what they each felt like and whether each was trasparent or opaque. The 2Js had a LOT of fun experimenting with and learning about water, glue,honey, syrup and rubbing alcohol today! Here is a slideshow of some student’s reactions to a few of the liquid tests.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Grade 2Js, please leave a comment about a characteristic of one of the liquids we tested today!

One thought on “Discovering Other Liquids

  1. These experiments were a lot of fun! I can’t believe the whole class was engaged for the entire time. They Loved it! So fun to be a part of it all.

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