Cooperation was our theme of the day today! We started out in gym class where we did some relay races with the 2F class. Noodles were given to each team, and partners had to communicate and work together to complete their lengths. Finishing first wasn’t the goal, it was finishing together and having fun! We also played Dead Ants; please talk about how we played that game and how we all had to work together.
In math we continued with cooperation games. Yesterday we reviewed our Mental Math Strategies and how 0 doesn’t affect a number when we add or subtract with it. We played a dice game to practice. Today we reviewed the strategy “I can think one more or one less” using playing cards. Partners took turns flipping up cards next to a +1 card, and they had to both make sure they had the correct answer before moving on to the next card. We repeated the game with -1 as well.
The Grade 2s cooperated very well, we got a lot accomplished, and we reinforced the idea that being nice is nice! Take a look at our “Cooperation Slideshow”!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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