First Day of 2J!

Class Pic
Yayyy! It was our first day of Grade 2, and I am SO excited to meet all of my new little friends! There are lots of familiar faces, and a few new ones as well, and I couldn’t be happier with Team 2J!
What a busy day today. Not only did we get settled in and practice a few daily routines, but we also:
-learned about making our own addition expressions
-wrote out a fact family and practiced some other math
-had gym class with the Grade 2Fs
-started a new science unit called “Exploring Liquids”
-had Music and Library
-had a Daily 5 round of Read to Self
It was such a great, relaxed, productive day. We definitely started our year off on the right foot!
Take a look at a slideshow of our First Day of 2J!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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