Dickson Store Museum

The IREC Grade 2 classes all went to experience what daily life was like 100 years ago by taking a field trip to Dickson Store Museum in the hamlet of Dickson, close to Spruce View.  It was a fantastic day of learning, making connections to our schema, and experiencing “new” things.   Our class represented IREC proudly as they were model leaders and learners!  Way to go!!!

Below is a slideshow of our 2Js at some of the stations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some reflection responses the students made after we got back to the school and looked at the pictures on the SmartBoard:

Kelden: We got to buy some stuff at the old store with money that we brought.

Jamie: We made ornaments in the lumber shed.

Kevin: We rolled out some dough in the log cabin.

Presley: We washed clothes on a washboard.

Kylie: We pumped water out of an old pump.

Alexa:  We had ice cream!

Zander: We went into the old house to see how people used to live.

Jaden: I got some cotton candy ice cream and it was delicious!

Kayden: We read a story and made some predictions and had to visualize.

Mason: We played old fashioned skee ball.

Hailey: We learned some new stuff and it was fun.

Brendon: We had a picnic lunch then went back to our groups.

Johanna: We went upstairs and saw some old stuff.

Aaliyah: It had an old smell to it.

Max: We ate lots of old fashioned candy.

Sam: We got to have lunch and do a lot of other fun stuff.

Eve: We had lots of fun.

Jade: We made some ornaments.

Jakob: We took a bus to get there.

Chace: We learned that they used chamber pots for going to the bathroom in the night. The youngest child had to empty them in the morning!

Ethan: We learned that to get their water they had to pump the jack.


One thought on “Dickson Store Museum

  1. I wonder how many grade 2’s would enjoy living like people did in the olden days and how many would prefer to live in the present? This field trip looked like lots of fun and very informative!!

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