2J Leadership Awards!

We had four 2J students get IREC Leadership Awards today!


Alexa shows leadership when she puts so much effort into her reading and writing. She is consistently proactive by being responsible for her own learning and  for her actions inside and outside of the classroom.  Alexa also synergizes well by helping others when they need it.



Hailey is a leader when she synergizes with the students in her class.  She is the first one to speak up and celebrate her classmate’s work and successes.  We so appreciate her support and Hailey is a true leader by showing what a class team should look and sound like!



Kylie got a Leadership Award  for proactively staying on task to complete her work.Kylie has also been putting an extra effort into her Daily 5 writing, and we really enjoy listening to her stories and creative writing during sharing time.



Presley shows leadership when she begins with the end in mind, thinking about what she wants the finished product of her writing and art projects to look like. Presley’s work is consistently an exemplar of quality work, and we appreciate they effort she puts in.















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