Insulation Devices – Science Project

Yesterday the 2J students were all given a challenge:  To keep an ice cube frozen for an hour.  They were to use their knowledge about insulation and insulating materials to create a thermos that would keep their ice cubes from melting. Each student was given 2 styrofoam cups, 8 cotton balls, 4 tissues and masking tape.  They needed to design and assemble their “Keep-It-Cool Devices” yesterday, and we tested them today.  Below is a slideshow of the 2Js working on their devices, each student’s completed device, as well as what their ice cubes looked like 1 hour and 5 minutes later.  Way to go, 2Js!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make sure to click on the Student Blog page at the top to read what the students thought about their projects.  They’d love to get some comments!


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