Sentence Fluency

Today during Writing Class the students were introduced to another trait of writing: Sentence Fluency.  After listening to several different examples of weaker and stronger paragraphs, the 2Js learned that good sentence fluency means to:

  • add details
  • keep your idea rolling
  • share feelings
  • make word pictures (strong word choice)

Afterwards they were asked to think about one thing that they really loved, because that would be really easy to write about.  They each wrote a topic sentence, then “made the snowball bigger” by adding details and keeping their ideas rolling.  For their first time focusing on sentence fluency, the 2Js did an amazing job.  I’d originally asked them, as a practice exercise, to write one topic sentence and 3 more that would develop the idea better.  Well, the majority of the our class wanted to do way more!  Below is a compiled video of student volunteers who wanted to share their writing.  Please keep in mind they only wrote for about 10 minutes.

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