IREC Style! – Music Video

Our 2J IREC Style! video is now complete and online! We presented it at our X-Treme Assembly this afternoon.  Click on the photo below to watch it!

IREC Style Blog Pic


5 thoughts on “IREC Style! – Music Video

  1. Dear Grade 2J,

    Wow, grade twos! We want to let you know how much we LOVED your “Irec Style” music video. Our class was very impressed by your song writing skills and your awesome dance moves. You certainly came up with a very cool way to represent a very cool school!

    Thank you for making our day, and for all the effort you put into this!

    Your friends,

  2. Thank you for your very thoughtful comment!
    From Alexa

    Thank you for watching the video.
    From Hailey

    We had such fun making it and it was worth the hard work.
    From Sloane

    Maybe you could post our IREC Style video onto your blogs!
    From Jakob

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