The Harlem Shake!

What a fun day! The 2Js decided to do their own version of the Harlem Shake, a new YouTube video craze. We watched several versions of different groups doing their own Harlem Shake, then we videotaped our own. Afterwards we used the video as a writing prompt, focusing on using descriptive word choices as well as writing with our own personal voice. During computer class today, the 2Js also wrote about it on their blogs. Here is the Harlem shake video we did today:

Harlem Shake Grade 2J IREC from Kendall Johnson on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “The Harlem Shake!

    • Hi Ms.Taylor,
      Check out the “Student Blogs” tab on our blog home page to read some student’s descriptive writing about our video!
      Thanks for watching and commenting; I’ll have Sloane reply to you tomorrow!

  1. Dear Grade 2J’s,

    This is so cool! What fabulous dancers there are in this class. I can’t remember doing anything quite this fun when I was in Grade 2. I’m sure this generated some funny and interesting comments in your writing. Your teacher is amazing for all her creative ideas!

    Best wishes,

    Max’s Gram

    • I am SO glad you enjoyed doing the video! Reading all of your writing about it was sure fun for me! Do you think we should do another project kind of like that again?

  2. I liked the harlem shake because evryone was just reading and someone just started danceing and everyone went crazy. It was cool maybe I should ask some of my friends of myne to do the halem shake.

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