Inferring – A Comprehension Strategy

This week, the 2Js have been focusing on a very important reading comprehension strategy called inferring. “When readers infer, they use their prior knowledge and textual clues to draw conclusions and form unique interpreations of text.” (Miller, Debbie. 2002. Reading With Meaning. Markham: Stenhouse Publishers. 107)
Today we read Androcles and the Lion, and came across some words we were sure the meanings of. Below is a chart we completed that included the unknown words, what we inferred the meanings to be, and the clues that helped us. Take a look!


One thought on “Inferring – A Comprehension Strategy

  1. Hi Grade 2J,

    I’m glad you know about inferring. This strategy will help you to continue to be great readers! Do you think good readers infer when they are solving math word problems?

    Mrs. S. 🙂

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