Daily 5 With Devices

Today was the first day that the 2Js were allowed to bring their personal devices to school. Earlier in the day, after they had finished their “Must Do” lesson, students were able to go on their devices to do “Math By Myself” apps. These are tools in which students can practice their basic math facts and operations. During Daily 5 time students did 2 rounds using devices. The first round all of the students worked on Word Work apps, exploring ones like Chicktionary and ScrabbleBlast. When we had our meeting in between rounds, it was amazing the words that students were able to create, such as sword, chainsaw and sailboat. For the second round students had the choices of reading stories on their devices, listening to reading, or writing or creating using various apps. Below is a video of the 2Js during their 2 rounds of Daily 5 using devices today.

2Js, what was your favourite thing to do on the devices during Daily 5 today? Please leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “Daily 5 With Devices

    • Thanks Alexa!
      I think Tumble Books is great too. I love listening to all of the Robert Munsch books, and I just read “All Aboard the Dino Train” which was super cool too. …You know how I love rhyming books!!! Do you have a favourite Tumble Book so far? Ifyou do please let me know so maybe we can watch it at lunch one day!

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