Cooperative Games

In Gym Class the 2Js have been working on and playing some cooperative games. Today we started out with playing Mine Field. Students were in pairs, with 1 student having a blindfold while the other had to carefully guide their blind partner through a “mine field” of stray tennis balls using only their voices (no touching). The students really had to work well together to use their communication skills for helping their partners make it from one side of the gym to the other safely. Below is a slideshow of pictures during their game.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next we played a game called Dead Ants. The person who it “It” is the Raid Can, and the rest of the students are ants. If an ant gets “sprayed” by the Raid Can, (s)he “dead” and lays down with hands and feet in the air. Other ants must work together to save the dead ant by picking him up and moving him back to the colony (a hula hoop). Below is a video of the 2Js playing this game.


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