Scooter Fun

Yesterday in gym class the 2Js had fun with the scooters. We discovered different ways that we could move around on the scooters as well as played some games, all while making sure to be aware of our personal space and following important safety rules.

We traveled on our seats only using our feet to move,

then only using our hands to move,


then our hands AND feet to move.


Then we went on our tummies using our hands and feet to move,


then only using our hands to pull us around.


We scooted around on our knees, being careful to not tip over or run over any fingers.


We ran and hopped onto our scooters making sure to not bump into anyone or crash into the wall.


We also tried different ways to move our partners around on the scooters.

8 9

And we finally played some scooter games like Scooter Noodle Tag and Scooter Dodge Ball.

10 11

Grade 2Js, can you share some safety rules to follow when we use the scooters?  Please comment!

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