The Grinch – Questioning

One of the comprehension strategies we just began reviewing is QUESTIONING.  Questioning before, during and after reading or viewing is important for many reasons, including getting us to focus our attention to find the answers we’re seeking.  We discussed the difference between “thick” questions and “thin” questions as well; thick questions will really help us to have a deeper understanding of parts of the text, whereas thin questions don’t.  All questions are good, though!
Below is a slideshow of the students watching and comparing the traditional and modern versions of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”.  Before viewing the movies, the students asked some questions, then worked on answering them as they watched.  The 2Js also had an opportunity to tell what their favourite part of each movie was.  I LOVE THIS STORY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What is YOUR favourite part of the Grinch Story?  Write us a comment so we can discuss it in class!

One thought on “The Grinch – Questioning

  1. My favourite Grinch moment is when Max is pulling the Grinch and the sleigh down the mountain. …And then the sleigh is pulling him. That part ALWAYS makes me laugh!

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