Big Review Day

In Social Studies we reviewed where the three communities that we’re learning about are located in Canada.  We also read about and discussed why people settled in these three different places.

In Science we also reviewed the three different states of matter:  solid, liquid and gas.

Ok, Grade 2Js!  Please leave a comment for one or both of these questions:

1.  What are the three communities we’re learning about in Social Studies?

2.  Give an example of a solid, a liquid and a gas.



6 thoughts on “Big Review Day

    • Hello Grade 2 students. Perhaps you can teach me something. I know that Iqaluit is in Nunavut and Saskatoon is in Saskatchewan. But where is Metagan? I enjoy your blog very much, keep up the good work and a big hello to Max!
      From Grammy Stevenson

  1. The three places we are learning about are Metagan Saskatoon and Iqualuit. A solid is a pencil. A liquid is water. A gas is air.

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