Practicing Our Spelling

Every Monday we get our new spelling word list for the week.  The 2Js got to practice their words in groups of 3 yesterday.  They took turns with one student being the teacher while the other two wrote the words on their little blue boards.  Each student is expected to rewrite their words in their red spelling booklet at home every Monday and return their booklets to school on Tuesday morning.  They should also be prepared to write their words and sentences for Spelling Quiz A on Wednesdays, and Spelling Quiz B on the last day of the school week (unless (s)he got all the words and sentences correct on A!!!).  Below are some photos of our class practicing their words at school.

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Here’s a cool website for students to practice their spelling words every week!

Students can enter their list words (keep track of the Practice List Number so that you can come back to it later on) and play games that focus on those list words.

Here are some other websites with ideas of ways to practice spelling words:

60 Ways To Practice Spelling

Creative Ways to Practice Your Spelling Words

Spelling Word Practice – Simple Ideas for Busy Parents

Practicing spelling, in Grade 2J, is the only regular homework we will have all year, besides reading, reading, reading at home!  It is important to establish a routine for this early in the year to develop emerging studying skills so students will learn what strategies work for them.  These strategies can also branch out to other subjects in older grades as well.  We also want to begin getting into a good routine in September to avoid frustration later on in the year.  


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