In Balanced Literacy today we tried putting all of our reading comprehension strategies together: synthesizing.

Why synthesis is important to readers:

  • Readers monitor overall meaning, important concepts, and themes in text as they read, understanding that their thinking evolves in the process.
  •  Readers retell what they have read as a way of synthesizing.
  •  Readers capitalize on opportunities to share, recommend, and criticize books they have read.
  •  Readers extend their synthesis of the literal meaning of a text to the inferential level.
  •  Readers synthesize to understand more clearly what they have read.

Miller, Debbie.  2002.  Reading With Meaning.  Markham: Stenhouse Publishers.  171

 Each student chose a Just Right Book and began completing a Synthesis Cube; basically a book study.  Each side of the cube was a retelling or personal response to the book that they read.

Side 1

3-4 sentences retelling introduction (who, where, when) and   problem.

Side 2

4-5 sentences retelling important events in order and the conclusion.

Side 3

1-2 sentences explaining what you liked about this book.

Side 4

1-2 sentences explaining how you would   have made the book better.

Side 5

“I would/would not recommend this book because…”

Side 6

Visualize and draw a picture from an important part of the   book.

Below is a slide show of the 2J students working on their Synthesis Cubes.  We will finish and present them next week!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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