Mission Impossible!

It was Mission Impossible Week here at IREC, and our students had turned into spies that must navigate their way through 4 different obstacle courses.

Below is an animoto of several different obstacles in our Mission Impossible course.

Click on the image above to view our Mission Impossible animoto.

Grade 2Js and IREC students, what were some “SPY RULES” we needed to remember during Mission Impossible?  Please comment!


3 thoughts on “Mission Impossible!

  1. oh my gosh! that was sooooooooo fun!
    1. wait till other people are on the second ladder.
    2. never roll till the other person is on the other platform.
    3. get in get out!!
    by Tyrus

    i miss it!

  2. I really like mission impossible I can,t wait in till next year to do mission impossible that was extremely awesome I wish it never ended!:D

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