Last Day of Roots of Empathy

Yesterday was our final day of Roots of Emapthy with Baby Leah, Erica and Miss Gray.  Although it felt kind of sad to be saying goodbye,  we got to remember everything we learned from Leah and Roots of Empathy, we shared our wishes for Baby Leah, we gave Baby Leah a gift (pretty hair clips), and then we had a healthy celebratory snack (yoghurt, granola, berries and whipped cream!).  Thank you Miss Gray, Erica and Miss Gray for making Roots of Empathy so fun and for helping us learn so much!

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Grade 2Js, what was your favourite memory/thing you learned from Roots of Empathy?


6 thoughts on “Last Day of Roots of Empathy

  1. I will miss baby Leah,I loved it when she did the army crawl! My favorite part of roots of empathy was seeing baby Leah and learning about signs.
    Josh Hobbs

  2. Hi Grade 2!

    Roots of Empathy is so much fun and the babies are so cute! I hope that you will remember the many things you learned. Will you keep in touch with Mrs. Young and baby Leah?

    🙂 Mrs. S.

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