Leprechauns, According to 2J

Today the Grade 2Js had the opportunity to write what they “know” about leprechauns, and we decided to add their thoughts to our class blog.  Students were encouraged to really think about using strong word choices.  What a fun read!

Avrey – Leprechauns are very fast and when they run they are like a flash of green.  Leprechauns wear only green and have brown hair.  They are almost blind and are very tricky. They live at the end of a rainbow sitting next to a pot of gold.  And they are  from  Ireland.

Asia-I’m part Irish.  You have to be very sneaky and catch them very quickly. In one blink they would be gone.  Leprechauns live under a rainbow.  Leprechauns protect their gold because they don’t want anybody steeling there gold.

Colby – Leprechaun’s adore gold$  Those little green people are Irish.  This rare creature is half blind.  Leprechauns are so fast they are a flash of green.  You can find them at the end of a rainbow.

Daegan –  Leprechauns  are  half  blind.   They speak with  an   Irish  accent.  They  are  so  fast  that  they  are  invisible.

Emery-Leprechauns are very tricky.  In one blink they will be gone!  They don’t want you to steal their gold.  If you want to catch a leprechaun they will be at the end of a rainbow.  Leprechauns speak Irish.  Leprechauns are light green.

Emily – You  can  find  leprechauns   on  a  pot  of   gold  .   Leprechauns are little and fast.   They Love to play  tricks.  Sometimes  they  disappear.  You can find yellow and green gold.  Leprechauns put gold under the rainbow.

Gaige – Leprechauns love gold. Leprechauns are  half blind. You only can find it when a rainbow comes.

Hannah – Leprechaun’s are so cool.  They are so sneaky.  Leprechauns have lots of gold.  They  are so small they steal too much gold.  They only come out on St. Patrick’s Day.

Haylie – Leprechauns are half blind.  I am half Irish. Those little brats are very tricky.  They live in Ireland .You can find them at the end of the rainbows.

JAYDA -Those sneaky  leprechauns  are so fast.  They have  lots of gold and chocolate too.   They are cool and funny too!!!   They love GREEN  a lot.  They are so cute.

Jesse-Leprechauns love gold. If you want to see a leprechaun do not blink.  And if you want to find a leprechaun follow the rainbow. Leprechauns are rile fast at running.  And they have magical powers.

Joshua-Leprechaun’s are little people. They like green. They love gold. They love diamonds. Look for green foot prints.

Kaytlynn – Leprechaun’s are at the end of a stunning looking rainbow.  If you want his gold try to.  Just keep trying you can do it I know you can!  Synergize.  Run to try to get that Leprechaun.  If you can’t, trick him like saying one of your friends need help.   Someone is trying to ketch him and you just might trick him into thinking it is real!  Also Leprechaun’s are almost strictly blind!  They are Irish so they may not understand you.  Caution when you ketch them they will disappear!  They are unbelievably tricky so beware!  Happy st.patriks Day!

Kyle-Leprechauns love gold.  If you wont to find leprechauns you hafto find a rainbow first.  They are from  Ireland.   Some leprechauns are blind. Leprechauns are sneaky .

Logan –  Leprechaun love gold.  You can find them at them in spring .  Can you catch them ?  Do you like them ?  Do you like St. Patrick’s day?

Michayla-Leprechaun are addicted to gold .You can fined them at the end of a rainbow.  Leprechauns are vary tricky and sneaky to.  When you blink they will disappear. Leprechauns have magic.

Nick– Leprechauns can teleport to china.  And they also have lots of candy.  They are tiny.

Paris –   Leprechauns are only 4 feet tall.  They love there gold.  Leprechauns are half Irish.  When you blink they will run away.  Leprechauns have magical powers!

Parks –  Leprechaun are obsessed with gold . And beware they can transport.  They don’t share!  DON’T GIVE THEM CANDY  OR  ELSE THEY will STEEL ALL THE CANDY IN THE WORLD! BUT if you blink it disappears.

Riley-Leprechauns can disappear. Leprechauns love gold .They do not steal the gold.  St. Patrick’s found leprechauns. They love to wear green.

Taylor –  Leprechaun   worship   gold!!!!!!    I   think   a   girl   leprechaun   has   brownish    yellowish    hair.   I   think   she has   super   green   clothes.  Be    careful   once  you  blink  the leprechaun is gone.  You better get one or you won’t get  any gold.

Ty-Leprechauns are awesome.  Leprechauns can teleport to Edmonton.  Leprechauns have gold and diamonds.  They love diamonds.  You need to were green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Tyrus – Leprechaun are small men.   Their favorite color is Green.  They are fast.  They had gold.  Their sneky.

Vivien –  They look like they are tiny and they dress in green. They are fast and tricky. They hide gold.

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