2J Wins The Main Event!

At our March X-Treme Assembly this afternoon, the Grade 2J’s were chosen as being the quietest audience members.  As a result, we got to go up to the front of the gym and participate in the Main Event!  This month’s Main Event was to work with a partner to get the large Omnikin Ball past our school’s mascot, Irec.  Some partners didn’t have a strategy, but some did such as passing the ball back and forth, trying to going around Irec, and trying to deke Irec out!  Every time a pair made the ball touch the back wall, they got some money for our class.  We made $30 today!  Way to go, Grade 2Js!!!  Below is a slideshow of our class during the Main Event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



5 thoughts on “2J Wins The Main Event!

  1. Loved doing that ms.j I it was my first time doing that my legs were shivering. On May 12th it’s my birthday.

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