Jig Saw Project

In Social Studies one of our “I Can” Statements is “I can tell how these communities connect with one another.”  Some of the ways communities connect is through art, music and dance.  Today students put themselves into groups according to the cultural group they wanted to learn about:  Inuits, Acadians or Ukrainians.  They then had to work together to read about artists and performers from that cultural group,  determine the important information, then record it onto their web.  There are a lot of skills going on here, and the 2Js showed that they could synergize to complete their portion.  Tomorrow we will share each group’s information, and complete our “jig saw” project; helping each other to put the “puzzle” together.

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One thought on “Jig Saw Project

  1. I saw lots of people that are artists I couldn’t chose witch one to do but… ms.J told us witch one to do so I figured it out.

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