Testing Boat Materials

Yesterday in Science we put the “I Can” statement “I know that materials that are waterproof, that are stiff and that float easily make the best boats” to the test.  We read a scenario in which our own boat crashed and we were stranded on an island.  To try to get help, we found some materials to make miniature boats in which to send “Help!” messages.  The materials we made the boats out of were newspaper, writing paper, wax paper, foil and plastic.    Two days later we were saved, and we had to decide which 2 miniature boats were able to deliver the “Help!” messages.  Below is a slideshow of our procedure and the miniature boats made of the various materials we tested.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please comment of something you learned, found interesting or surprising in this experiment. 


One thought on “Testing Boat Materials

  1. I liked making and testing the boats. I learned that the boats made out of tinfoil and plastic floated. It was a fun experiment!

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