Building Our Own Boats

In science yesterday we also followed a plan and built our own boats to test the “I can” statements:

  • “I know that materials that are waterproof, that are stiff and that float easily make the best boats”
  • “I know how to develop plans for building a boat, why some materials, or plans, are better for boat building, and how to make a boat that will bloat, carry a load and be stable in the water”

Today we got to test the boats.  Below is a video of Michayla testing her boat in the water, as well as a slideshow of all the boats we built.  What a fun and purposeful experiment!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 thoughts on “Building Our Own Boats

  1. Grade 2 I love your boat’s so much. What do you use do you use foil? Did you guys have fun at the carnival?

    Our class is fun. I liked making our boats . Can we do it again?

    Our blog is grate. Your boats are rad. Goooooooooooooooood job.

    I think 2j is doing really good! And I love boats and buoyancy. And it was fun making boats, super fun! Why do we do math?

    WOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! You Guys are cool.
    The boats floated awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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