Circus Day Guest Bloggers

Today our 2J students were in the computer lab and were able to blog about Circus Day on Tuesday.  Please read and admire some of their pictures:

Jayda  Yesterday we all went to the carnival and it was FUN!!!!!  My favorite thing was the parachute because we went under it and make statue .We played what time is it silly clown when they said show time we would run. Then we all came in for lunch!!!!!

Michayla   Yesterday  was fun but I will tell you more.  My favorite station was fill the barrels with snow because we got to fill the buckets with snow.  I got to see the teachers and the junior campus play tug o war the teachers won.  The the junior campus ran all the stations.

Haylie  In winter Carnival my favorite station was popcorn tag. I liked it because when you got tagged you jump up and say popcorn. At the end we played tugofwar.

Colby  My favorite station was the parachute.  It was fun because we could go under the parachute.  We could shoot balls out of the parachute.  I saw my Sister pulling somebody in a sled.

Asia  My favorite station was the parachute.  It’s my favorite because we got to run under it.  But there was untether one it was little we got to go to the big one.  I liked another game that I liked it is called what time is it silly clown we made them do 20.

Logan  My favorite station was popcorn toss.  I liked throwing the balls.  It was fun.  I liked it.

Parks  My favorite station was the parachute .We played a game called popcorn.  And we played a game silly clown.  I had lots of fun.

Nick  Yesterday was circus day.  My favorite part was what time is it silly clown. It was super fun!  At the end of the day I played soccer with Parks.  It was fun!

Josh  Yesterday was a Circus day my favorite station is the Parachute game.  It was fun.  It was cool.  It was awe some.

Emery  My favorite station is parachute.  I like it because it is so fun when you get to run under it.  I liked watching the tug of war.  It was fun playing popcorn toss.

Hannah  On Tuesday we had a winter carnival!  My favorite station was what time it is silly clown!  The reason why I liked silly clown is because my favorite game is mr.wolf .  After when the carnival was done the junior campus and our teachers had tugofwar.

Daegan  On  circus  day  I  had  lots  of  fun  at  the  parachute.  The Clowns vs. Lions game I liked because it was lots of fun. Ms.j     and  the  teachers   play  tug  o  war against the IRJC kids.

Eric  My favorite game was popcorn toss.  I liked what time silly clown.  I liked circus Day. Everything was fun.  Clowns vs. Lions I didn’t like.  The Winter Carnival was fun.

Vivien    I didn’t go to Circus Day.  We  played  outside  in  the  snow .   we  bild  a  big  igloo  and  it  was  very  fun.   Than  my  friends  came ovr   to  my  hous.   And then  we  went  home  and then  we  played  school.

Taylor   My favorite thing was the parachute. Because we played the popcorn game.  It was fun.  We watched tugofwar.

Riley We went outside for winter carnival. We played what time is it silly clown.  I played fill the bucket. I played  the parachute.

Tyrus   My favorite part was the parachute.  Because it WAS cool!  We put balls on it.  It was fun.

Avrey  Yesterday we had a winter carnival it was so much fun.   The games were ran by the IRJC kids.  My favorite activity was called Parachute we played all kind of games with it.  And my second favorite activity was called popcorn toss because it challenged me.


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