Roots of Empathy – Safety

In Roots of Empathy today Miss Gray introduced their new theme:  Safety.  We all discussed many things that we can do to keep our babies and toddlers safe such as never leaving them alone in the bath tub, putting up baby gates at the stairs, using baby monitors, and so on.

Then Miss Gray asked Nick to come up and transform himself into “Nicki” – an expecting mother.

She posed the question, “What do you think pregnant moms need to do to keep themselves and their babies safe?”  Here were some of our thoughtful answers:

Parks said, “Hold the railing when going down the stairs.”

Paris said, “Don’t drink alcohol and pregnant women shouldn’t sleep on their stomachs.”

Jayda said, “Don’t smoke cigarettes.”

Haylie said, “Eat healthy choices.”

Hannah said, “Don’t do drugs.”

Way to go, 2Js!  These are all important things that will keep pregnant moms and their babies safe!


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