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Yesterday it got so cold that our division closed all of its schools and the students had their first “Snow Day” of the year.  In computer class today the students blogged about what they did during their snow day.  First of all at their desks in the classroom, they jotted down quick IDEAS about what they did, and they were already thinking of DESCRIPTIVE WORDS so that their readers would have a really good sense of what they were trying to get across in their blogs.  Here they are below:

Asia:  Yesterday It was freezing cold. I made  a fort after that I went  sledding  I went home and  had some hot chocolate. I made valentine cards. I played  on my mom’s  iPhone!

Avrey:    Yesterday was a snow day.  I was very sick my throat really hurt.  I had been lying in bed the whole day.  I had to take lots of medicine. It was not fun at all. Only we had to go get daddy’s brand new truck and I got to ride in it.

Colby:      Yesterday was a snow day! I felt like a kidscicle outside!    I had to help Dad pull ice out of the engine hole!

Daegan  “I watched tv all day.  I watched Johnny Test, Jimmy Two Shoes and Big Fun Week Nights.  That’s all I did.  But I played a little.  It was a camping game with cars that they show.”

Emery:  Yesterday I went sledding. I went skating.  I watched Hanna Montana.  I made a snow fort with my brother.

Eric:  I watched TV when I was not at school. I watch my brothers hockey peracktis .

Gaige:  Yasterday was a snow day.  I went to my frends house.

Hannah:  Yesterday I went skating; it was FREEZING COLD.  After skating I went to my cousins.  At my cousins I watched T.V.  On the T.V I watched dogs go to heaven.  Then we went swimming at the Dawe center.  Then I came home and played call of duty.  Then I had to go outside and freeze to death.  Then I went inside and made hot chocolate.  Then I watched a movie.  Then I played on my zhoom.  Then I went to sleep.

Haylie:   Yesterday  it  was a snow day. Wen I got  up I asked my mom if I cued play  toon town .

Josh:  It was a cold day yesterday.  I played Wii I played new super Mario .I watched  tv .than I went to bed.

Kaytlynn:   Yesterday it was a snow day.  I went outside it was FREEZING COLD out there !!!!!   After that I went inside and had boiling hot coco and watched a movie.  Then I went on my mom’s computer and played an awesome game of club penguin.  Then me and my mom did some of my birthday party invitations they look FABYOULIS.  Then me and my bro went down stairs to my room.

Logan:   Yesterday I watched tv  .  it was-40. I also played the wii.  When I touched the door it was freesing.

Michayla:   On Jan.18 outside it was really cold  than ever  .On Wednesday I did not go to school  because it was to cold out.So me and my mom watched a move .  on the 19 I had swiming  I’am in levl 3 I am  the best in my swimming.

Nick:  Yesterday it was a snow day. it was freezing cold! I had hockey practice and after I watched  TV at home.   I texted my friend Dawson.

Parks:  Yesterday it was a snow day.  It was freezing!  Then  I went to hockey practice . Then I went home and watch  ytv.

Paris: Yesterday I went to a move, and I went to my graham how, I slept at my antshow’s. Yesterday it was sunny but rally cold, there was no school yesterday!

Ty: Yesterday was snow day. No school.  I played Wii with my mom. I watched TV with my mom it was afv. Watched a video on my was Pokémon black and white.

Tyrus:  Yesterday I watched Youtube.  I watched Yoshi go’s swimming!!!!!!!!!, Yoshi at Mcdonalds & 25 was to kill Yoshi.

Vivien:   It was a snow day yesterday.  It was very very cold.  There was  no school and I colored.  I colored a horse

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3 thoughts on “Snow Day Blog

  1. It WAS a super cold day yesterday! Our family stayed warm inside all day! What Tyrus forgot to add is we also baked MONSTER COOKIES! Yum. Tyrus also was reminded he needs to ask a parent before going on YouTube!

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