Transition Objects

In Roots of Empathy today Miss Gray taught the 2Js about the sleep cycle.  They discussed what REM and Non REM sleep was, and also about transition between the two.  Miss Gray also explained that people can have things that help them to transition back into REM sleep.  These are called transitional objects.  For babies it may be things like a soother, rocking back and forth, and so on.  When Baby Leah comes next week we are going to ask Erica if Leah has any transitional objects.

Would anybody like to comment on a trasitional object (thing or action) that helps them get to sleep? 


3 thoughts on “Transition Objects

  1. When I was little, I had a stuffed animal, Tramp (the dog from Lady and the Tramp). I always took him to bed with me as he helped me fall asleep. Now I read every night before bed, which helps me fall asleep.

  2. I must have a big comfy pillow ( sometimes I borrow a teddy from Asia) . As for when I was little,I had a favorite blankie , I also have a favorite blankie now to snuggle with.
    Sheryl Deacon

  3. I still have my teddy bear from when I was a little girl. My daddy got it for my arrival and its a dog. And I also still have my baby blanky.

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