Ordinal Number Riddles

One of the “I can” statements we reviewed for our Number Unit today was “I can use ordinal numbers“.  Our booklet had some ordinal number riddles, so we decided to create some of our own.  Below are a few of our examples.  See if you can figure any of them out!  Remember some riddles may have more than 1 answer…

1.  I am an animal.  My 1st letter is k and the 3rd is t.  What am I?

2.  I am a number.  My 3rd letter is an x.  What am I?

3.  I am a sea animal.  My 4th letter is a p.  What am I?

4.  I am a name.  The 4th letter of my name is s and the 5th letter is e.  Who am I?

5.  I am an animal.  The 1st letter of my name is t and the 3rd letter is an r.  What am I?

If you know the answer to any of these riddles, write the number and answer as a comment!


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